Four separate research teams are working on the TRA-survey; each studying distinct parts of the sample and different topics. The so-called "demography" part is being studied by two research groups, one at INED (family and social mobility), and the other at INRA (occupational categories). The inheritance part is being explored by a PSE-INRA-INED joint team. And finally, a more detailed sample has been developed for one prefecture (or département, a county-size French administrative unit), the Loire-Atlantique, and is being developed and studied by two CNRS researchers.

As previously mentioned, this site is dedicated to the inheritance part of the survey.

> Tra-Demography (INED):

Paul-André Rosental (IEP Paris and INED)

> Tra-Demography (INRA):

Jean-Pierre Pélissier (INRA-MONA)
Daniele Rebaudo (CNRS-CRH)

> Tra-Inheritance:

Jérôme Bourdieu (INRA-PES)
Lionel Kesztenbaum (INED)
Gilles Postel-Vinay (INRA and EHESS-PSE)
Akiko Suwa-Eisenmann (INRA-PSE)

> Tra-Loire Atlantique:

Luc Arrondel (CNRS-PSE and Banque de France)
Cyril Grange (CNRS and Université Paris IV)

Les origines

Ils ont travaillé sur l’enquête TRA:

Luc Arrondel
Didier Blanchet
Noël Bonneuil
Arnaud Bringé
Michel Dürr

Cyril Grange
Denis Kessler
Claude Motte

Jean-Pierre Pélissier
Myriam Provence

Danièle Rébaudo
Paul-André Rosental
Claude Thélot
Fernan Vejarano
Marie-Christine Vouloir-Morales