The inheritance part of the TRA survey consists of all persons with a surname TRA who died in France between 1800 and 1940. It forms two distinct databases:
87 000 TSA files that represent slightly more than 75 000 individuals.
7 400 RMD files that represent about 6300 individuals.

The fact that a given individual may have more than one file complicates the use of these data. In order to create a working database, it was necessary to gather all information related to the same deceased individuals. This information was then aggregated into our main database. It includes data on marital status, dates, places, occupations and inheritance.

Mr Trabuc by V. Van Gogh


Portrait of Mr Trabuc by V. Van Gogh,
supervisor of the Saint-Paul Hospital (Saint-Rémy-de-Provence),
September 1889.
credit : [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons