Getting the data

The data from the TRA-inheritance survey --the nominal and indexed TSA files of all TRA individuals who died between 1800 and 1940­-- are available free of charge, but their use imposes responsibilities upon the user.

All requests shall comply with the conditions of use as specified below:
1 / Data shall not be divulged to third parties without authorization.
2 / The TRA-data are intended for scholarly research and educational purposes only. Use for any other purpose is not authorized without explicit written agreement.
3 / No commercial use in any form whatsoever is permitted.
4 / Data users shall maintain the confidentiality of TRA-individuals: no information that identifies or permits the identification of a person in the data may be published in any form.
5 / The data must be stored on a secure system and must be properly protected.
6 / Scholarly publication is permitted provided that the source of the data is given.
7 / Please inform us, through this site, of any mistake you may detect in the data.
8 / Please send us any database enhancements you have made (e.g. information collected on TRA individuals).

To access the data, a prospective user must submit a research project (no more than two pages) and a short CV to:
The investigator must state the purpose of the proposed project and agree to abide by the regulations specified below. If multiple investigators are involved in a project, each must register separately.